Sunday, June 15, 2008

existential dilemma.

A quick story found after traversing a few links originating from Archinect, about LA based Architects Orhan Ayyuce and Eric Owen Moss, who was Orhan's professor at the time. I thought to pass along the story since the story itself as well as the project idea made me laugh more than once, and it was tucked away in the comments on a materialicious post about Orhan.

"I always like his ‘existential dilemma’ project; a double cube linked by a very high walled courtyard. The doors locked randomly “When one door closes how do you[sp] know the other will open”; Moss didn’t get it, said Orhan was nuts and wouldn’t admit that Orhan passed the class. I think it shook Moss up."

Quickly came through my mind, the idea of Klein bottle blobitecture (Zaha Hadid style) and Jean-Paul Sartre's play, No Exit, and I laughed again.


Orhan Ayyüce said...

very much on target!
eric was trying to find leads to his existential leaning at the time and giving students projects based on that. this particular one was on Kafka's Trial. as you put it out there story i have written, which was not required, was more based on Waiting for Godot.
and you've picked the right relationship via hadid's project.
here is a link to original project. circa 1981.]1981

Orhan Ayyüce said...

Orhan Ayyüce said...

anyway, it is in my eric moss interview here