Tuesday, July 8, 2008

eight projects.

I have been on a bit of a hiatus and will continue to be for another couple weeks due to a summer class. In the mean time I decided to post links and pictures to a few of the many projects I have been digging on recently. No real content, just some flashy pictures and links to things other people wrote! Real content posting will continue soon enough, for now, enjoy!

Romita Project by PRODUCTORA Arquitectos

Image: Romita Project, by PRODUCTORA Arquitectos.

Casa en el Campo by Juan Herreros Arquitectos

Image: Casa en el Campo, via Plataforma Arquitectura.

The Blue Planet by 3XN Architects

Image: The Blue Planet, by 3XN Architects.

TDA House by Cadaval Sola Morales

Image: TDA House, by Cadaval Sola Morales.

Macro Museum by ODBC Architectes Urbanistes

Image: Macro Museum, by ODBC Architectes Urbanistes.

Building Tamarindos 29 by Garduno Arquitectos

Image: Building Tamarindos, by Garduno Arquitectos.

Office Building by Manuel Graça Dias + Egas José Vieira

Image: Office Building, via A Barriga de um Arquitecto.

Tribeca Building by Alison Brooks Architects

Image: Tribeca Building, by Alison Brooks Architects.

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