Wednesday, January 28, 2009

links to enjoy 1.28.09.

  • The English House @ Fantastic Journal. - "Just what is it that makes yesterday’s homes so different, so appealing? Over 30 million people visit stately homes annually in the UK. The National Trust has grown to 3.5 million members in recent years..."

  • WTC Clusterfuck @ Curbed. - "Behold! Our updated, wildly confusing World Trade Center timeline infographic! Hey, what's with the question mark on Lord Norman Foster's diamond-topped Tower 2, and Sir Richard Rogers' bulgy-bottomed Tower 3? Brace..."

  • 300,000 pack of Bic pens @ Designboom. - "tomas gabzdil libertiny of rotterdam’s studio libertiny sent us some images of his latest design. ‘the bic blue cabinet’..."

  • Hacker Commune @ NYT. - "A ROBOTIC roller skate propels itself across the fifth floor of an old sewing factory at 397 Bridge Street in Downtown Brooklyn. The softly lighted room is permeated by an acrid odor..."

  • Buildings can Matter? @ Architecture + Morality. - "If it is not obvious to most people already, there is no doubt: the current economic recession has had devastating consequences to the building trades, in particular architects..."

  • Applied Graphic Design Math @ Architectural Scholar. - "The application of diagrams extends beyond its classical field of use today. Data Flow charts this development, introduces the expansive scope of innovatively designed diagrams and presents an abundant range of possibilities..."

  • Absurdos 100 House in Sketchup @ Arch Daily. - "A few days ago we featured an interview with Alejandro Aravena and his project for a villa in ORDOS 100, with more than 70 images. In order to further extend the possibilities of understanding this project, Alejandro shared with us a very detailed Sketchup model..."

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