Wednesday, December 31, 2008

tin robot salute to 2008.

What a better time than the new year to post again, and hopefully start a trend of doing so (1 makes a pattern?). New posts coming very soon about architecture with a little psudo-science, math, and music mixed in, as well as posts on the architecture school application process that is so quickly coming up on me, and possibly a new design (don't hold me to it). More frequent and unfettered posts alone, will please the robot.

Happy new year to all, and here's to another twelve months of experiences, hopefully some good architecture sculpture to ogle. Don't forget to salute, just as the robot.


Damien said...

been trying to think of ways to tie bathroom sinks into a water feature/watering method for landscaping. i kind of want the sink to be a window of sorts to the outside. would have to implement some sort of filtering system to catch debris and chemicals, but i don't really want the filtering process to obstruct the connection and flow to the outside. any thoughts?

Jack Gaumer said...

That kind of water reuse is done pretty often, and the term to search for is Greywater. From what I remember reading, using any water from non-industrial sinks, drains, showers, things like that, can be done without filtering. I am pretty sure I even remember a studying saying that you get about the same effect treating water before you actually use it and dump it down the drain than you do treating it after use, provided you don't pour or use any *harsh* cleaning chemicals like bleach on the drain or sink.
So yeah, you could totally have a sink on a glass wall that drains its self as a fountain on the plants outside, or a trickling waterfall shower which has a solid mesh base that just empties into the plants of a courtyard below.